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HydroFloc? Pond Clarifier Flocculant Clears Water Fast

Features HydroFloc? Benefits HydroFloc? Pond Clarifier Water Flocculant Concentrated Water Clarifier HydroClear? HydroFloc? Water Clarifier Flocculant is safe for use in ponds with koi, pond fish, turtles, and all aquatic animals. It is also safe for aquatic plants and pet animals. When used as directed. Made in the U.S.A.

HydroFloc? pond clarifier flocculant quickly clears cloudy water when used with a filter. Removes suspended particles. Working with a filter, HydroFloc? Water Clarifier Flocculant quickly clumps suspended particles and free-floating algae.

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Lake Flocculant Clarifier - 1 gal - Aquascape, Inc.

Aquascape? Lake Flocculant Clarifier quickly clears stubborn clouding water caused by suspended particles in lakes and large ponds. This specially-formulated treatment will effectively reduce maintenance and is optimized to clarify a variety of suspended particles, including clay, mineral material, and sediment.

The result is a healthy, clear pond within 24 hours! It does unfortunately remove beneficial bacteria as well, so it is recommended to use Biological Pond Clarifier or another beneficial bacteria product after using a chemical clarifier like UltraClear? Flocculant. Application Instructions Use 2 ounces of Flocculant for every 1000 gallons

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Concentrated Water Clarifier - Flocculant | Scott Aerator

How to Apply Water Clarifier. Apply one gallon of concentrated liquid flocculant per 250,000 gallons of pond or lake water by spray or direct pour. For best results, this product should be mixed with pond or lake water prior to being sprayed over the entire surface of the pond or lake. For problem ponds, a second application may be required

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EasyPro Water Clarifier Flocculant Bulk - 55 Gallon Drum

EasyPro Water Clarifier is one of the most concentrated water clarifiers (flocculant) available. This formulation is also one of the safest at achieving water clarity in water gardens, koi ponds and fountains. It attracts suspended particles together, allowing them to settle to the bottom of the pond. EasyPro Water Clarifier - Bulk 55 Gallon Drum

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Water Clarifier - Pond Flocculant - Liquid Concentrated Clarifier

1 Gallon ($145.00) 4 Gallons ($500.00) 12 Gallons ($1,380.00) Qty: - OR - Add to Wish List Add to Compare 0 reviews | Write a review Share Description Reviews (0) Related Products (12) This is a super-concentrated pond flocculant and water clarifier for ponds and lakes.

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WC128 Concentrated Water Clarifier (flocculant) – 1 gallon

Formulated for large bodies of water; Works great when used with Pond-Vive, the clarifier settles the problem particles to the bottom Directions for Use. Shake well before use. Apply 128 fl. oz. per 250,000 gallons of pond water. Product should be premixed with pond water and solution then sprayed over the surface of the entire pond.

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Water Clarifier - Flocculant | Water Clarifiers

Water Clarifier Flocculant from Pond Force clears water quickly, Organic and inorganic particles. Causes particles to settle from pond Sizes Available: PFWF16 - 16oz (Treats 16,000 gallons) PFWF32 - 32oz (Treats 32,000...

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TOTALPOND 16 oz. Water Clarifier 53937 - The Home Depot

UltraClear Flocculant is a chemical formulation that clears pond water by causing tiny particles to clump together (flocculation). Through flocculation, pond particles become large enough to settle by gravity to the bottom of the pond (where they can be vacuumed away) or easily filtered. Flocculant also removes phosphates from pond water.

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Aquascape Lake Flocculant Clarifier - Webb's Water Gardens

Quickly clears cloudy water caused by suspended particles Optimized to clarify clay, mineral material, and sediment issues Unique mineral, polymer, and bio polymer formula For lake and large pond use only!

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