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Anionic PAM usually contains about 5% polyacrylic acid groups formed by copolymerization of acrylamide and acrylic acid monomers or by hydrolysis of PAM homopolymer under conditions to convert some of the amide groups to carboxylate salts. PAM with as much as 50% acrylic acid is used.

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Anionic vs. Cationic PAM ?Polyacrylamides can be anionic (negatively charged) or cationic (positively charged). ?Fish have a negative charge on their gill mucous. ?Anionic PAMs are repelled by the negative charge on fish gills, while cationic PAMs are attracted to it. ?As a result, the cationic PAM will attach to gills,

Jul 9, 2016 · These anionic groups remained in macromolecules as a result of incomplete hydrolysis of a number of the amide groups during the PAM preparation. Carboxyl groups underwent dissociation with the increasing pH value and are a source of negative charge of the polyacrylamide chains [27, 28].

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1. Main functions of pam polyacrylamide (1) Very good thickening and viscosity increasing effect, fast dissolving speed, not easy to clump. (2) Pam polyacrylamide is transparent and naturally wire drawn. (3) It is a water-soluble thickener, suitable for the application of various equipment.

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Polyacrylamidecalled PAM, is divided anion (APAM) cation (CPAM), a non-ionic (NPAM) is a linear polymer, water-soluble polymer is one of the most widely used varieties, polyacrylamide and its derivatives can be used as an effective flocculants, thickeners, paper reinforcing agent and a liquid drag reduction agents, widely used in water treatment...

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Thickener in textile anionic polyacrylamide for removal of

Polyacrylamide Polymer Thickener for Paint / Coating FOB Price: US $ 1600 / Ton Min. Order: 5 Tons CAS No.: 9003-05-8 Environmental Protection: Yes Color: White

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