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Pure as the driven polyacrylamide gel - 2012 - Wiley

A strategy to incorporate, physically constrain, and stabilize biologically active 伪-helical peptides into the polyacrylamide hydrogel network is developed. A bioactive RNA-binding helical peptide

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P-gel - 2010 - Wiley Analytical Science

The effective pore sizes of the gels were estimated from the gel concentration at which the mobility of a given DNA molecule was reduced to one-half its mobility at zero gel concentration. The estimated pore radii ranged from 鈭?130 nm for 3.5 % gels to 鈭?70 nm for 10.5 % gels.

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Estimation of polyacrylamide gel pore - Wiley Online Library

The effective pore radius of each gel was estimated from Ferguson plots based on relative mobilities, using the mobility of the smallest DNA fragment in each molecular weight ladder as the reference mobility. The calculated gel pore radii ranged from 142 nm to 19 nm, respectively, for gels containing 4.6%T, 1.5%C, and 10.5%T, 5 or 10%C.

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