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Eastman鈩?DOP Plasticizer (Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate) is a light colored, low volatility, odorless liquid. It is the most widely used all-purpose plasticizer offered by Eastman鈩?for use with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins. It is insoluble in water and has a viscosity of 56 cP at 25掳C.

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Monomeric Plasticizer Performance Summary PLASTICIZER Plasthall庐 DIDA DOA DOS DOZ 8-10TM TOTM DIDP DINP DOTP DOP Original Physical Properties Hardness, pts. 67 64 68 66 75 70 70 72 70 67 100% Modulus, psi 6.6 5.2 6.0 5.9 8.1 7.6 7.4 6.6 7.4 6.2 Elongation @ Break, % 380 410 380 385 385 375 405 375 375 390

DOTP is a plasticizer based upon 2-Ethylhexanol. It is compatible with both homopolymer and copolymer vinyl resins. Palatinol 庐 DOTP is used primarily to plasticize vinyl resin where good processing characteristics are needed and the finished product requires improved low temperature flexibility and low volatility. The addition of Palatinol 庐

Dioctyl Phthalate is one of the most widely used plasticizers in PVC due to its low cost. DOP is a general-purpose plasticizer and long-time industry standard known for its good stability to heat and ultraviolet light, and broad range of compatibility for use with PVC resins.

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DIDP plasticizer. Jayflex鈩?DIDP plasticizer is one of the largest-volume general-purpose high-molecular-weight plasticizers. It is a plasticizer of choice for flexible PVC products that require resistance to degradation due to high temperatures (such as wire and cable) or call for low fogging (automotive interior trim).

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Specifications of DOP. DOP is the most widely used plasticizer in the industry. Besides cellulose acetate and polyvinyl acetate, this product has good compatibility with most industrial synthetic resins and rubbers.

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1. DEFINITION OF PLASTICIZER Plasticizer is material incorporated in a PVC resin to increase its workability, flexibility (lower melt viscosity, temperature of TG or elastic modulus of plastic). Therefore the selection of optimum plasticizer affects the successful use of PVC in many diverse applications.

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What Are The Differences Between DOTP Plasticizers And DOP

Physical and mechanical tests have shown that the vulcanizate of the SKN 15SNT sample obtained under optimal synthesis conditions has a tensile strength of 22.7 MPa, an elongation at break of 485%,...

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SDS | Technical Data Sheet | Sales Specification. DOP Plasticizer. Food Contact Status compliant 鈥?Eastman鈩?DOP plasticizer (Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate) is a light colored, low volatility, odorless liquid. It is the most widely used all-purpose plasticizer offered by Eastman for use with PVC resins.

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