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Coagulation enhanced electrokinetic settling of mature fine oil...

The mature fine oil sand tailings (MFT) remain as slurry in the tailings pond for long time. The dewatering and consolidation of MFT for sustainable... DOAJ is a unique and extensive index of diverse open access journals from around the world, driven by a growing community, committed to ensuring quality content is freely available online for

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Advances and challenges of electrokinetic dewatering of clays

application of coagulation and electrokinetics to thicken, i.e., to increase the solid content of the MFT suspension. At first, the optimal ferric chloride concentration is identified as 350 mg/l in jar tests, under which the best thickening result is only 6.48% from an initial of 5% after 4 hours in cylinder coagulation tests. The electrokinetic

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(PDF) Electrophoresis and its applications in oil sand

Electroflotation is a wastewater treatment process defined as the separation of suspended particles from water using gas bubbles generated during electrolysis of water. The present study intends to...

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