bio based plasticizer for pvc (wide applications)

Recent Developments of Biobased Plasticizers and Their Effect

Cargill has created a bio-based plasticizer that meets the rigorous regulations for the PVC industry without sacrificing performance or profitability. The Biovero 庐 plasticizer solution is derived from bio-based feedstock and includes sustainability benefits, flexibility, and high efficiency.

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Synthesis and properties of a bio-based PVC plasticizer

Abstract. A novel green plasticizer, acetylated lactic acid 1,6-hexane diester (ALHD), was successfully synthesized based on L -lactic acid, a renewable organic acid from corn starch. Its chemical structure was characterized using FTIR, 1 H NMR and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS).

In this study, a green plasticizer ALHD based on lactic acid was synthesized and incorporated into PVC blends. The properties of ALHD were studied and compared with those of the commercial plasticizer ATBC.

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Bio-Based Plasticizer Products | ACS Technical Products

Product Details Epoxol 庐 EMS Acid Scavenger, Epoxy Modifier, Plasticizer, Thermoset Resin Bio-based, epoxy-functional methyl ester that can be used as a reactive chemical intermediate or as a non-hazardous viscosity modifier, plasticizer, acid scavenger, or epoxy diluent in a variety of applications. Product Details

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